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Wisdom Of The East – 3Z City Of The Imagination

Wisdom Of The East – 3Z City Of The Imagination

The wisdom of the east is ever present.

3Z Japan City

Before that advent of technology and mass communication, cultures grew as loosely connected cultural islands. Communication with one another was slow. Human foot, pre-combustion engine transportation such as the horse and cart or on foot were the only real options.

Learning was restricted to parchment, spoken word and religion and governments often tended to prevent enlightenment of the people.

Depending on the geographic location, the lay of the land, proximity to the sea etc and arguably genetics, cultures developed with different beliefs.

As the west developed, the culture of the east was only partially linked by trade routes.

By the 19th Century the mystique and exoticism of the orient started to inspire creatives in the west. In the same way eastern philosophies spread too.

Wise Decisions?

As the future progressed into the Twentieth and Twenty First century, the internet, augmented reality, virtual reality, linked up cultures.

Architecture, architectonic design, started to blend together and shopping was the main “religion”. High streets from New York, London to Tokyo all began to look similar. A cultural fusion.

futuristic Japan 3Z

Neon signs now tell you what to do and think in both the real world and the augmented virtual world.

Under The Surface

As we all skim the surface of this commercial world in the floating 3Z city or the ground cities, getting our next shopping “fix”.

However, there is still depth to our existence. Behind the commerce. Architectonic shapes in our urban centers have deeper visual poetry.

star commerce

The east still has deep things to teach us in the west.

Meditate And Be Wise


be wise Japan

Tune in next week for further expansion on the 3Z Cities Of The Imagination universe…

3Z Japan City

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