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Watching From Towers – The 3Z Universe

Watching From Towers – The 3Z Universe

Watching from towers, we can see the world how it really is…

Watching From Towers

The Hot Midsummer Evenings

From the dwelling towers in the scorching summer evenings the inhabitants feel like melting clay.

They have to spend time outside their dwelling towers, standing on the tops of their units to cool off.


woman watching from towers

From these high structures, the vast plains can just be seen. The end of this ground city, with its other towers then small shanty dwellings eventually spanning out to small farmsteads slowly growing subsistence food crops and dairy production.

man watching from towers

Then after that, the hot dry plains. Yellow ochre burned grass and red earth. The evening sun making the colors more intense. The smog becomes more intense on the horizons rim at this time of the day. Everything shimmers.

Below them, flying transport cars race by at lightning speed causing red and yellow tracer lines.

The Linked World

Satellites and flying craft also race along arcing around the visible sky. Lights blinking in a binary rhythm.

Looking in the other direction, the high skyscrapers of this central ground city begin to light up. From the top scrapers, smoke funnels pump out the buildings toxic air.

From the vantage point of the dwelling towers, this movie unfolds every night in the clear summer days.

It gives the tower dwellers a sense that the world is connected.

watching from towers top

Rich, poor alike are in a constant state of fluidity.

Even in the greatest adversity, with effort, the poor can work towards more wealth.

Likewise the rich can also lose everything in a blink of a skyscraper light.

On some evenings, the 3Z floating city can be spotted, making its endless journey on the high jet streams. A place for the mega rich.

However, this wonderful sunset movie can be witnessed by all.



Beyond this human civilization, nature still is always the master. It has no attachment to the “wealth” of the humans. Ants, bees, plants, birds and animals of all kinds always encroach on the humans “hive”….

watching from towers symbols

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