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Three Towers Interchange 3Z Universe

Three Towers Interchange 3Z Universe

Have you been past the three towers interchange? In the night it is a great site!

Tonight, a road trip. Warm summer air. Car headlights flash by and turn into tracer streams. Caffeine driving, the cars rush by.

The Three Towers Interchange


Summer Night Darkness

The summer night, you can smell the pollen and the ever present threat of rain.

The three blocks stand solitary just on the edge, between the great flat plains and the large ground city.

workers interchange

The workers in the towers continue even into the long weekend night.

The entire planet is linked with transport hubs such as the airports, from the 3Z floating city to the dwelling shanties and to the more middle class worker and work towers that we can see here.
The arrow logo shines on the main tower.

Going Everywhere But Nowhere

Everyone going somewhere but no one going anywhere.

three towers interchange

Tonight though, we are free. We head out in the car, the light trails will soon disperse both on the road and from the flight vehicles in the air.

Soon the night will really come, out there on those summer plains, the stars will burst out in the sky.

Away from the light pollution, away from the ozone pollution.

three towers interchange

We will get a sense of freedom, rushing along the lines of the road.

Until we have to return to the city. The three block towers mark our exit and entry back into the city.

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2 Comments so far:

  1. kathryn abell says:

    This is brilliant . You can tell the story . describe the scene and ‘ draw’
    us into your cities of the imagination . Such things are made of in the best Sci Fi . You have talent . Go for it .

    • kathryn abell says:

      Brilliant . You can tell the story, describe the scene and ‘draw’ us into your cities of the imagination. Such thingsare made of the best Si Fi . You have talent . Go for it .

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