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Signs In The Sunset – The 3Z Universe

Signs In The Sunset – The 3Z Universe

Signs In The Sunset, traffic symbols street furniture as we drive through the wide open roads,

roads largely abandoned by the lack of traffic.

Small plants and shrubs burst through the concrete.

Advertising symbols that try to sell us something. Their form and words can take on new meanings.

advertising symbols


Signs In The Sunset

In the mind, they can link to other things that are not related to them.

There is something beautiful during a long road trip about a sign in the sky.

sign in the sky

In the late sunny afternoon, the cool apocalyptic dry summer wind.


A carbohydrate combined with sugar snack giving an endorphin head buzz, it will not last. Like petrol, we always need a refill a bit like modern day love.


Sculptural, word, weathered, an arc of light on its shine forged from the low sun.

05 Signs In The Sunset

What does this mean? Does it mean anything?


Meanwhile the old style roadster zooms along the shredded tarmac roadway, going south, away from the Canadian border to warmer lands more settled weather as spring blooms and the animals come out.


Some are dangerous, like other humans.


The song on the car radio plays,


And the soul still has a pain. The pain makes us search for new experiences become life and this is the eternal wheel as eternal for our lives anyway,


Perhaps afterwards too….

signs in the sunset

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