The Radome Com Tower – The Old 3Z Networks

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The Radome Com Tower – The Old 3Z Networks

The Radome Com Tower

The radome com tower, like a sculpture in the cold early spring air.

The worker is on the move, many of the old communication towers are in need of repair. This worker must travel all across the northern state line of the USA, endless plains and small villages scattered where the inhabitants can still scrape together an existence from farming or mineral deposits.


Of course, the rich 3Z floating city dwellers enjoy the super fast internet speeds of the ultra satellite orbiters.

Those on the ground cities and the small scattered communities, have to rely on the old communications.

Relics from the cold war in the twentieth century, yes that long ago!

Workers from the ground cities are sent out into the blasted deserts and cold tundra to make sure this scattered and often unreliable “system” provides internet, radio and television broadcasts to the ground cities.

With  a cross on their back a symbol once used for medical purposes, now tags the importance of this worker,

worker radome

it is important that he or she keeps the old network together.

The poor and underprivileged still have the right to get technology!

He approaches the radome com tower isolated on the plains with the transmission tester in his hand.

It is spring, a cold air still drifts from the northern Canadian prairies. However over the past few days, there has been a shift, the scent of vegetation from plants and flowers about to bloom and nutrients in the soil have begun to stir. Birds start to sing again the spring song and there are a few insects emerging from the ground such as the ants.

approach the radome

There is much work to be done, work to construct, work to build, to keep expanding, creating and moving on wards.

the radome com tower

A new adventure everyday, a new start…

Behind The Scenes Video

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