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3Z Arctic City
IMGs_7l6593Z Arctic City3Z Arctic City3Z Arctic City3Z Arctic City3Z Arctic City3Z Arctic CitysddArcticcityArctic City Boxed Kit3Z Arctic City Model Kit

3Z Arctic Model City Floating City


Product Description

This product comes in a box and in easy to assemble parts. It can be painted but also looks great as it is. You can also add lights inside the model. Comes with a stand too.

You can have this kit pre-assembled at the same price but the shipping will cost more.

Currently, I am only making 50 of these products as they are at small scale production. Each product, you will get a certificate of authenticity saying that this is the first small scale production and the number.

When I start to make these as a mass produced product, this small scale batch will be a collector’s item.


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