Oonj – solitary floating structures on the plains

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Oonj – solitary floating structures on the plains


The Oonj are giant inflatable floating structures that are dotted around the Northern Canadian plains and Northern Europe. Similar designs are also found in the north of Russia.

They have one dwelling unit for the Oonj keeper in the center the structure too allow an individual and their family to reside. This individual must keep watch. In some ways it is a modern day lighthouse.

They function as lookout points for the 3Z floating city and other airborne devices. To warn them when they drift too close to the ground. Because of the static and the electronic overload, automated systems are not working as well as they used to these days. Hence the need for these structures.


Although fully automated, their widespread location means that in this time of depleted energy, it is more practical to have a human being stationed at each Oonj to perform maintenance and emergency procedures.

They often attract solitary wanderers, artists and musicians who can spend a six month work shift in one. The dwelling unit is quite comfortable and well stocked. A perfect place for someone needing time alone to work on their art.

In this particular Oonj on the great plains, the sun sets low. It is the middle of October and the red sky is fierce. Static and cloud tracers flash by. While the Oonj resident steps out and looks over the vast flat land. The wind is no longer mild, it starts to bite with a slight cold.

Breathing in and out, the air is pure here. The pollen from the summer has all but gone.


Another evening in this great life of rhythm and repetition. It gets dark and the Oonj dweller turns back into the dwelling unit.

A cosy place, with the wild cold winds starting up outside. Something out there makes a cry, a wolf perhaps. Thank goodness for being tethered floating above these harsh lands…

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