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Nomads Of The Future

3Z Endings – Nomads Of The Future

In A Future Time From The Future

The figures, the nomads of the future approach the the broken float city. They did not know what it was.

It is a “discovery”, stumble upon it. From the past, which was once the future.


The dry winds from the north is coming in again, it is early autumn but feels closer to winter. The clouds offer a melancholy grey on a steel blue backdrop.


Carvings on some rocks, mark where they need to catch their food for the night.

prehistoric animals

The structure is of secondary importance, they needed the nightly meal. Reindeer, deer, this meat will give the most sustenance. This year they animals have headed further north, this is why the figures have come this far.

Lack of resources, an eternal fuel for movement to new places. Nomads


Something glowed inside the structure.

glow in structure

They do not know but this might be dangerous to their existence.


Meenwhile, far on top of the big rusty spheres, others were watching…

Nomads Of The Future

The Future Is The Past – The Nomads Of The Future

Sometime we will know what will happen here. But for the next time, we will go back in time to the near future. The 3Z Universe where the floating city is in its full glory, floating over the jet streams…

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3Z Ending

3Z Ending

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