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New Generations On The Grasslands…

New Generations On The Grasslands, We all need to travel?

A nomad or settler? Sometimes it is through necessity, sometimes through choice…

New Generations On The Grasslands

Chiva, Ool and Oilo like many of the nomad children orphaned by the great wars move along the grassland in packs.

Picking off resources and energy in some of the abandoned towns between the large ground cities that once made up the small towns of the

praries. Now structures falling down, grass overgrowing with a few settlements surviving through the use of hyrdoponic and old 3d print and other maker technologies.

Their education comes from their old style radio headphone up links to the net where the reception is good enough from the scattered decrepit  radome towers.

Their eyes will stare through you like a laser partly a result from the harsh conditions of the grasslands.

Grassland Science Fiction Girl

The life draining winter winds and snow and then the fierce hot summer sun with damaging UV rays from the thinning ozone layer. The ozone often dances with wonderful colors over the sky like a summer aurora borealis, a deadly beauty.

The children’s skin shows spots and blemishes not usually seen on young people. Possible warning signs of future skin melanoma from the UV rays.

Despite this harsh lives and probable reduced longevity, they have devised a nomadic system of communication between themselves and other

packs and this forms a higher culture between them.

They use signs and symbols to note pathways, routes, parties and ceremonies. Similar to aboriginal or native american visual communications. A semiotic language. Scholars in the 3Z floating city and also the ground cities have tried to decode their symbols but to little avail.

Always remaining a mystery that can never be “solved” by the learned scholars, like the eternal nomad.

the grassland symbols

Symbols the reach out to the universe…

universe drawing

New Generations On The Grasslands…

New Generations On The Grasslands

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