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“The New Industrial Revolution”

This page is about the tools that I use for my art and also promotion. Feel free to comment to suggest other ones…

As much as possible, the tools and software here are open source that closely adheres to he open nature of the maker movement. Click on the names of the tools

and software for links. I hope that this list of maker resources will help you, feel free to contact me or make a comment if you have any other questions.

Software –

Tinkercad – a quick and easy online way to make 3d models for printing

Sketchup – I prefer Tinkercad for objects but Sketchup is good for buildings etc

Fusion 360 – One of the best CAD applications I have seen for creative people. Fre version available

Blender – the open source programme and is a complete modelling/animation package

Inkscape – Make vectors in this app. Also a very useful livetrace element to make line vectors from jpegs or bitmaps. Good for setting up laser-cut patterns

Krita – 2d paint alternative to Sketchbook pro.

Gimp – the interface is tricky but good for general editing.

123DMake – use this this to make shapes for lasercutter.

123DCatch -capture objects with your camera, I usually use these as proxy meshes. ie I make something in clay
and capture it then make a new model using the imported mesh as a reference

Cura – Optimise your objects for 3d printing and include G-Code (the information the printer needs as well as the 3d mesh)

DaVinci Resolve – The basic version of this is free. It is amazing, you can edit your videos now. It is like a light version of Premiere but free!

Paid Products –

3DS Max – A workhorse application, I have used this commercially for over 15 years. I especially like it for polygonal modelling.

ZBrush – A really high end sculpting application used in the animation industry. If you want high detail in your models, buy this!

Substance Painter – Great texture painter affordable Indie license and also an educational one.

Hardware –

Ultimaker Printers – Reliable 3d printers. I have used these many times in FabLabs and Makerspaces. I highly recommend them.

RepRap – To buy your own printer kit. Check out this great deal!

Lasercutters – Expensive and require a fume extractor, at the moment leave this to your local Makerspace

Arduino – Electronic prototyping tool use the smaller Lilypad Arduino for  wearables and e-textiles

Books –

Make:The Maker’s Manual: A Practical Guide To The New Industrial Revolution

Makers: The New Industrial Revolution

How To Make Almost Anything – Neil Gershenfeld‘s book online a very interesting short read

Maker ‘centres’ –

FabLabs – shows you where they are located in the world


Websites –

Thingiverse – Download and customise 3d models and then 3d print them

Instructables – Step by step instructions on almost anything particular with maker technologies

Make Makezine – a huge amount of articles, ideas and resources

Feel free to make comments, questions or suggestions. Check out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for lots of tips and my latest artworks –

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