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I have the passion

to transfer what I learn to others through tuition With over 15 years of commercial 3D design experience and a lifetime of drawing, I can help you…

Create A City Of The Imagination At Tribe Porty in Portobello, Edinburgh on the 20th of January 2016

Create A City Of The Imagination At Tribe Porty in Portobello, Edinburgh on the 20th of January 2016

“Want to thank you very much for a very interesting and informative evening .
For us your workshop was our first experience with 3D design and 3D printing and we had a really great time. Our first ” product ” the salt shaker works perfect and is a great topic in conversation . Also we would like to thank Thorarinn , the manager of the FabLab in Isafjordur Iceland , for the use of his inspiring workspace.
Thanks very much!!!!”

3D graphics for 3D printing workshop FabLab in Isafjordur Iceland May 2016.

“Good introduction to Blender and an inspiring way to learn. An imaginative starting project for those who work best with goals rather than trawling through repetitive online tutorials. Very enjoyable, thank you!”

Hannah, London giving feedback from The Design An Imaginary City Workshop at FabLab London, December 2015.

FabLab London Workshop

FabLab London Workshop

“I enjoyed James’ course, finding it a quick way to get to grips with Blender. It was much more interesting and informative than trying to learn by myself, or through Youtube. I would recommend” 
Stephen giving feedback from The Design An Imaginary City Workshop at FabLab London, December 2015.
“I think this workshop for me lets me think about seriously what a city actually is and can be, great that you had this element of brainstorming in it, letting us know that it is more then only structure and aesthetics, imagining how the people would live together, what they find important, and so many other aspects”
Chris, London giving feedback from Design An Imaginary City at South London Makerspace Workshop, December 2015.

“James’ approach to the software is very refreshing. Not only does he give us an understanding of the basic tools and features of the software but he also shows us how to put to use the essence of each software in order to fit into the development of our particular projects” 

Maïa Djambazian, EchoFab FabLab, Montreal, Canada

 “James himself is a professional artist and the works in his personal website are fantastic. His lessons are inspiring! He taught me many ways of drawing and developed my sense of the shape and perspective of the objects. He is an absolutely good tutor for people of all levels in drawing.”  
Ziqi, Edinburgh, Scotland
 “I had a lesson in how to use Blender and exporting your file to use with a 3D Printer, and James was an excellent tutor. He went into just enough detail and referred to a project I am working on, so I took away specific knowledge that I needed. He explains things in an easy-to-understand way, has a wealth of creative ideas to draw on and I will definitely have more lessons with James as I learnt so much.” 
Elizabeth, London FabLab, U.K.

I can help you to achieve the best in your art, design and maker projects through traditional art, 3d animation and 3d printing.

My tuition will help you –

  • Learn/Improve 3d modelling/animation (with Blender/3ds Max)
  • Learn/Improve 3d printing
  • Learn to mix traditional methods with digital ‘tradigital’
  • Get inspired and learn in a productive and exciting way ‘Learn By Doing’
  • Complete your projects in less time and save money and make them great!

Tutorials designed to match your needs. Learn from my professional creative energy technical strength, commercial design and artistic experience.

Workshops, one to one and online Skype lessons starting from £25 per hour.

Call today for a free consultation to discuss what you want to learn.

James Abell

Check out my video resources on my webpage here or on my Youtube Channel too.

If you would like to get an idea of how I teach or learn some things for free, my YouTube have a lot of information for you. Alternatively you can buy one of my books on Amazon.

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“James brings out your inner artist. He encourages you to put the logical to one side and to brave the emotional response to a subject. I felt it gave added depth to the way I work.”

Janetta Murrie, marketing consultant.

“James is very knowledgeable in 3d animation and he shared this knowledge expertly in the 3d class I attended. His enthusiasm for the subject was obvious and he was happy to help in any areas his students had difficulty with. I’d highly recommend the class which covered all areas of pulling together a 3d animation from concept to completion.”

Morag Macdonald, Multimedia Designer, CNES

3d Blender Workshop

3d Blender Workshop EchoFab, Montreal Fablab

Edinburgh TechCube

Edinburgh TechCube

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