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Dream Bigger

Dreams Bigger – Are Dreams Always Wrong?

Is this is not my beautiful house? Or should we dream bigger?

dream bigger

Did the dreamers get where they wanted to go? The wind from the north starts to rattle the old cladding on the house. The winter, comes knocking. Very slightly for now but soon the doors and windows will have to be bolted up.

dream bigger

Dream bigger

like all the adverts tell us.

A human or mannequin it doesn’t matter, the low sun catches the warm metal shell coating of the dwelling unit.

dream bigger

The roof antennas sway in the autumn wind coming from the north off the cold northern lands that stretch far up into the arctic circle… where only the polar bears wander.

…communication satellite relics bleep by in the cool skies.

dream bigger

An inhabitant makes an automatic drawing with tradition pen on paper. Energy lines and blank shapes, balancing each other. Trying to use it to plan the bigger dream…


While we Dream big or bigger, the floating city drifts by high above in the jet-streams…

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