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How To Create Cities Of The Imagination

Get Inspired To Create Your Own Cities Of The Imagination Using Drawing, Maker Technologies, 3d Graphics And More…

Retro Cities

I’ve always loved fantastical cities from Hollywood movies, computer games, illustrations and lots of other media. Architectonic forms still inspire me today as you can see with my artworks. I remember one summer during my school holidays in the early 90s, my holiday career in strawberry picking died a death. After a sunburnt day of mainly talking to friends and earning a token £2, I got home to find a game had been posted to me from a mail order computer games company. That game was the original SimCity on the Atari ST, now the graphics look dated but then. I can even remember the packaging. The little blips on the screen representing, zones, buildings and even traffic jams were awesome at the time as if life was happening behind the screen.

Sim City

The Original Sim City Box

I really cannot answer why I and most likely many of you, are fascinated with creating imaginary cities. Perhaps one of the main attractions is “playing god”. In life, we have restrictions especially when it comes to materials commodities. To build just one house, is a major feat in the real world. To build or modify a city is a gargantuan task that requires large scale complicated infrastructure and logistical planning. In Sim City games these restrictions are largely removed.

 My Book

This is where my book comes along “How To Create Cities Of The Imagination”. A few years ago, I started to develop a workshop “Design An Imaginary City”.  Today, I teach my own workshop using a wide range of media from pencil and paper, 3d graphics and as another dimensions using 3d printing/lasercutting and other FabLab technologies.

How To Make Cities Of The Imagination

How To Make Cities Of The Imagination Book Cover

Due to its popularity, I decided to make a kindle book based on the workshop. My book concentrates on using sketch and 3d graphics to create an imaginary city. Using this method, whatever city you create be it an ancient city, an virtual city etc, you can be sure by using this method and also all the other tips in this book will enable you to come up with the best design for your city that you are capable of. I decided to use the method I use to get others to make an imaginary city and do it for myself. I ended up creating a floating futuristic ocean city!

Here Is The Complete Video From The Book For Free!

If you read the “look inside” option for my book on Amazon, there is a link to the complete video of the creation of the city I made. Guess what,  the video is also below just for you! 🙂 The whole point of the book is that is expands on this and talks about how I got creative inspiration and make crucial decisions as to how the overall city looks in the end. For yet more free stuff, check out the bonus videos at the bottom of this page for more tips.

What You Can Do Now?

If you are interested in creating an imaginary city, I would recommend you to buy my book. It gives you lots of ideas about how to get inspired and has a whole load of tips during the making process to how to improve your  creativity. However, if you are happy just to try now, check out the simple instructions below and have a go yourself. Don’t forget to go through the video above and also the ones at the end of this post.

imaginary city brainstorm

imaginary city brainstorm from the book

  1. Brainstorm and think about what type of city you want to create (see the image above as an example), i.e. a desert city, a space city, a chocolate city, an underwater city etc. Be as creative as you want to be!
  2. Once you have  chosen your city, think about the “problems” and “solutions” that it may have. For example, an underwater city, how would the inhabitants get air to breathe, how would they get food etc.
  3. Based on that, make reference sketches of the city as a whole and also areas where you want to detail in. Then start to model using either computer graphics, clay, paper or whatever the media of your choice is. 

If you feel if you want to know more as well as buying my book, you can sign up to a free Skype if you contact me or sign up to my newsletter.  I also do workshops on this too, so by signing up to my newsletter, you will notified whenever I will do one in your area. Below are some cool bonus videos that give tips about how to create some features of your imaginary city. So what are you waiting for, it is time to start on your own imaginary city!

As stated, I also run workshops based on this. Here you learn the process in much more depth and can work with others too. My next workshop about this is at the FabLab London on the 03 December 2015, I hope to see you if you are in the area at that time! Make sure to book to secure a place, you can use the booking form at the bottom of this page.

retrofuturism images from my imaginary city

retro-futurism images from my imaginary city

Bonus Resources

This model is free with a CC-BY license, you can download it on Blendswap.

Selection of book review for How To Create Cities Of The Imagination
amazon review

amazon review


New Book “How To Create Cities Of The Imagination Using Maker Technology – 3D Printing, Lasercutting, Arduinos etc” Sign up to my newsletter for notification about its release!

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