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Cable Cars Over The World

Cable Cars Over The World

These old retro style cable cars can still be found in some of the nicer metropolises in the world. They are still used by citizens wanting to enjoy the nice views over the city centers and adjoining parks and gardens.

retro cable car close up

Futuristic Cable Car

Many are slightly dilapidated and the word “sardine can” is often affectionately used by citizens to describe them. They are constructed with thin steel and molded plastic interior components.

Depending on which city these pods are in, the views are stunning and the curved glass greatly helps.

Ochre ozone sunsets, oceans expanding past coastal mountain cities… Imagine it right now!

The 3Z floating city can also often be seen floating past. This floating city is common in many parts of the world. Some say that there is more than one.

Don’t delay, go to your nearest cable car ride in a ground city near you. Pay the small amount and see the world from above.

cable cars retro futuristic

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