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Artifacts – The 3Z Universe

Artifacts – The 3Z Universe

Artifacts, small digital artifacts can still sometimes be found on the ground. In the old streets, on the cracking roads. They are the archaeology of the collapse of the world. Future, now retro rusting. Still sometimes with glowing lights inside, an isotope core.


Harmless in small doses to humans.

Like a magpie, I pick up an old trinket of technology from ground, half buried in Mars red sands. Its use, for I do not know.

A blue light pulses from the inside.

artifact 2

As I hold it in my hand viewing it at different angles, old wires drape outside the internal pod.

As I hold it in my hand, faint tracer lines are drawn into my internal three dimensional head-space.

Like simple abstract haiku art. I am not certain that this effect is good for my health.

Who know what the purpose of these are. However, they most certainly have something to do with this old piece of technology I found in the sands during the road trip I was making.


Functional things where the function has been lost.

Perhaps something from an early robot or something from the wars? I don’t like the way it draws these images in my head-space.

When I return to my dwelling unit, I will put it in the lead box.


Meanwhile the floating 3Z city drifts by on the silent jet streams. Who knows how those people live in the floating city. It is always there, the ground city used to have more open communication with it.

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