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All Work And…

All Work And…

All work and… well everyone just works today both in the 3Z floating city and also the ground cities. We are constantly made to feel guilty if we are no working all hours. The pressure is put upon us by all media streams from the powers that be.

In the clear blue sky in one of the ground cities, an inflatable advertising balloon has drifted from its tethers. Words taken from the context of the original slogans read…

All Work And No Play

No play.

What does that make Jack? No play will float away with your dreams so you must be careful! Sometimes you will see a smile in the sky. Some of the ground city dwellers glance up to see this inflatable moving across the sky. A passing though as they go about their daily duties.


In your imagination of course from memories of a time when we could play, when we did not have to work all the time. Perhaps these times will come again someday soon.

All Work And No Play…

That makes Jack a Dull boy. Who tells you to work so hard?

Chill out relax and drink some strong coffee.

Big studies report that hard work does not necessarily equal quality productivity.

Ignore labels…

ignore labelsTake a road trip or something and don’t follow the instructions! That includes any advice in this blog post. Because fun can be good and work can be dull.

Sometimes, it can be the other way round though too…

Let go and chaos can sometimes be good! In moderation of course!

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