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“We Can’t Change Our Past But We Can Influence Our Futures”

Hello, I am James Abell.

I’m an artist and designer based in Scotland and the above statement is my central belief.

I’m inspired by popular culture, futuristic movies, abstract art, music and also natural forms found in nature.

In my art, I mix traditional with digital techniques…


I grew up in North Norfolk, England

Enjoying the summers, cycling past corn fields, big otherworldly skies and watching Hollywood films in the 80’s and 90’s. I always drew pictures of futuristic science fiction machines, landscapes and the nature of the North Norfolk countryside.

I decided to go to University as it was “the thing to do”.

I didn’t get the grades I wanted. I remember cheering myself up by painting a futuristic rock formation from a photo from a recent holiday in the North West coast of Scotland. From that point, I realised art and design became my life long passion. Sometimes when we don’t get what we want, something better comes our way.

Sometimes when we don’t get what we want, something better comes our way.

Drawing and the energy of the line were always a part of my art.

Although we cannot change our pasts we can guide our directions for the future, this is a message I like to put in my artwork.

Then I went to Art College…

I graduated in Interior Design, Edinburgh college of Art 1999

I worked with 3D computer graphics visualisation with many large companies visualising robotic arms, state of the art supermarkets, and multi-million pound offshore renewable wave and wind farm projects.

I also got featured in 3D World Magazine and featured in two Channel 4 animation festivals and even was requested to provide one of my 3D computer model of the Hubble Space telescope to NASA’s multimedia department in Houston, Texas.

Return To My Core Passion

I was never entirely satisfied with only creating things on a 2D screen,  so I returned to drawing, painting and in turn creating 3D sculpture work but  combined it with my digital skills…


I wanted to show the wonder of technology along with the passion and humanity of the traditional line.

Working With The Maker Movement

During a long stay in Canada in 2015, I got an arts residency in EchoFab Montreal. I was like a kid in a candy store, I could use 3D printers, laser cutters to work this technology into my traditional drawing line energy work. The “lightbulb” switched on.

From there, I also got art residencies at FabLab London and also FabLab Isafjordur in Iceland. These residencies enabled me to master the latest machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters etc, while at the same time using traditional art methods such as drawing and also my 3D graphics skills.

For more information about what a FabLab is, go to the FabFoundation website.

My artwork is on sale in outlets in both North America and Europe as well as my online shop.

I also am passionate about showing you my techniques and how I work on my youtube channel, workshops or one to one tuition.

You can buy my art here. You can also commission me for an artwork for your home, workplace, event or for the entertainment film and tv industries.

Towards An Even Better Future…

My art will enhance in your home, work environments, social occasions or creative requirements. Join with me on this creative journey.

James Abell (BA) HONS ECA

James Abell 3D Art

Contact me on info@jamesabellart.com or phone – 07733447712

In April 2016, had a one-page article about my 3D prints in the international magazine 3D World…

3D World James Abell

3D World James Abell

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If you would like to help with my journey, starting from a small donation and upwards, you can continue to support me and also get gifts in return. Check out the link above for this great method.