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3Z Expo Retro

3Z Expo Retro

japanese pod structures

Ten Things About These Retro Posters…

1. It reminds me of a time that didn’t really happen

2. Lifestyles for the affluent to look out at the non affluent

3. Organic retro structures, decaying in the warmer summers and colder summers of the grasslands

4. Connector tubes pump fresh air and extract stale air

5. Markation symbols on each habitation structure provide instructions to those who cannot be seen

6. Symbols on the posters give further information to those considered to be irrelevant

7. Come live here, the posters said. Now the decay makes us we wish we hadn’t

8. Ghosts of a past exhibition

9. Antennas to pick up broadcasts about modern day living long gone

10. Fading paint, fading memories…

floating sphere retro poster

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