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I have lived in Scotland, England, Spain and Portugal. These places as well as world travel have influ
enced me through sky, land, technology and sea. My love for experiencing the outdoors through surfing, swimming and hiking play an important part in the evolution of my work and ideas.

I have drawn since childhood, and I have been developing my own architectonic aesthetic ever since. I studied at Edinburgh College of Art gaining a BA (hons) degree in Interior Design in 1999, further helping my aesthetic style.

I then produced 3d graphics for many clients including engineering companies, many in the renewable sector. I continue to offer these services – Crofton Graphics. I have also made two short 3d films, ‘Ant Colony 5′, which was shortlisted in a Tango and Channel 4 competition and ‘Structures Like the Leaves’ that appeared in a Channel 4 film festival ‘Rolling Stock’.

After these film festivals, I still felt something was missing with my creativity. At that point I made the decision to move back to traditional artworks but at the same time combining and using what I learned from my digital and design skills.

I have a constant drive to learn, question and evolve my creations through life experience and art experimentation both with tools of the hand and tools of the mind.

Statement -

I am driven by the relationship between ‘natural’ and ‘technological’ forms. I am motivated by an ‘energy’ I cannot  explain  in words. I want the feel of my work to span the far past and the future as if standing on the edge of a vast, timeless canyon, cityscape or ocean.

I strive to convey energetic artworks, by using a vivid line, intuitive placement of solids, voids and sculptural colour. This energy could be perceived as ‘spiritual’, ’scientific’ or both.

In my work, I like to fuse a range of media including sculpture, drawing, painting and digital technologies. Drawing with pen and paper is always the starting point for my ideas. Every art piece I create, I have no rigid rules and try to develop each piece as a new entity.

James Abell (BA) HONS ECA, (statement version three, 23 September 2013)

Contact me on info@jamesabellart.com or phone – 07733447712

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